1. What is the shipping cost?

    We offer free shipping to your country. If you wish to know the options and more about shipments, you can consult the page located in the shipments menu.

  2. How long does the shipping take?

    It depends on your country. The shipment takes place the next business day after the purchase confirmation and normally takes 5 days to arrive.  If you wish to know the options and more about shipments, you can consult the page located in the shipments menu.

  3. If I purchase more than one product, do I have to pay shipping for each? 

    Shipping to your country is free of charge and all products in a single order (which implies a single address) are done in one shipment. Take advantage!

  4. I want to cancel my order, untill when can I do so?

    Orders can be cancel up to the moment they are dispatched. Take into account that if the payment is already processed, returning your money may take a few days (depending on the payment method). Once dispatched, it can not be canceled and it will be considered a return. If you want to know more on returns click here.

  5. Do you offer shipping outside Argentina?

    Yes, we do international shipments. To place your order from overseas, you can select your country/language on the top right if you are in a web browser; or on the three horizontal lines if you are on a mobile device. Nonetheless, you can always contact us and leave us your query and contact information. Keep in mind that for the product to arrive, depending on your country, you may have to pay taxes or fees.

  6. Do you offer shipping to mailboxes?

    Not for the time being.

  7. How much will shipping cost –from my home to your deposit- if I want to return my order?

    If you want to return your order you have to pay the shipping. In the case you want the money from the purchase back, it will be done once we receive the product. The shipping cost will depend on the shipping tariffs of each country. You can also make the shipment on your own.

  8. How much will shipping cost –from my home to your deposit- if I want to exchange my order?

    If you want to exchange your order you have to pay both shipping costs, the cost from the return of the product and the shipping of the new one. The shipping cost will depend on the shipping tariffs of each country.


  1. Can I receive my product on a different address than the one on the billing?

    Yes. For this, make sure to indicate a different shipping address from the billing address. You will also have the option to request the shipping to your nearest mail post office.

  2. What is the billing address?

    It is where you receive the credit card statement of the card you are using to pay.

  3. What is the shipping address?

    It is the address in which you want to receive your order (for example, your work, your home, etc.). If you choose to receive it in a post office we recommend you enter the same address as the billing one.

  4. What happens if no one is available when the order arrives?

    In this case, the mail provider will contact you to coordinate the delivery. The mail provider may also leave a notice with contact information and the package will remain in their office for a few days.
    We recommend you to always use shipping addresses where someone is always available to receive the package. If you have any questions, do not hesistate to contact us.

  5. Can only the person who made the order receive the delivery?

    No. The delivery can be received by any person who can account for their identity.
    Unless you specify otherwise, the mail service will only try to deliver to the exact address which they are given. For example, if you do not indicate your floor number and department, the mailman can decide wether to ask the building manager or not.

  6. Are you required to sign to receive the delivery?

    Yes. The person receiving the package has to sign the proof of delivery, indicating their name, clarification and document.

  7. I just made an order, when will I receive it?

    If your payment is accredited after 8 P.M., take into account it will be processed the next day.

Shipment tracking
  1. What is shipment tracking?

    It is the possibility, through the order number or a tracking code, in which you can follow the shipping process from the moment we dispatch it until it arrives. You can track your package by entering the order number in the mail tracking page.

  2. How do I know which is my tracking number?

    Con el número de tu pedido podés hacer el seguimiento. Una vez que esté despachado tu pedido, te lo enviaremos por mail junto con el nombre de la empresa de logística que te entregará el envío.

  3. Ya tengo mi número de seguimiento ¿De qué manera lo utilizo?

    You can track your package with the order number. Once your order is dispatched, we will send it to you via mail attached with the name of the mailing company which will make the delivery.

  4. I received the dispatch notice but it does not contain the tracking number, why?

    You may receive it on another mail. If you want to know the state of your order and you can not consult it online or by phone, you can get in contact with our costumer support department.

  5. For security reasons, I would like to know which mailing company will handle the delivery, is it possible?

    Once your order is dispatched, we will inform you of the mailing company in charge of the delivery by mail.

    Take into account:

    • Orders which payment is accredited after 8 P.M. will be processed the next day
    • The estimated delivery time is in business days (it does not take into account weekends nor holidays).
    • For some places that are significantly outside of main cities, the delivery time may be slightly superior.
    • If you have any query, please contact the Costumer Support department via mail to