General conditions

To be able to use the site efficiently and safely, users are required to provide certain data, amongst it, their name and surname, address, email account, document; without which it would be impossible to provide our services. Because of this, it is required that these are truthful and precise. The data collected from the corresponding forms will be incorporated into Clara Barcelo's general clients' base. The personal information provided by users will be treated with confidentiality and Clara Barcelo will make it's best effort to protect their privacy, in accordance with the law 25.326. For this, the secure socket layer (SSL) system will be used. This system encrypts the submitted data and prevents it's unauthorized use, guaranteeing it's safe operation. Nevertheless, the user must take into account that the internet is not an inexpugnable medium in terms of it's security. When data and numbers regarding credit cards are submitted, they are encrypted, making sure that they remain confidential and can not be seen by other people. This information is not stored in any of our data bases.

In accordance with what is prescribed by the law of personal data protection, nº 25,326, the users will have the right to access, update and correct the data submitted when they wish to. If a data supression was requested, that will imply no longer being a user in the system and it has to be done via a document card or presenting with certified signature in name of Clara Barcelo directed to the address specified in the point 32. Any website user will have the right to request and obtain information about the personal data stored in Clara Barcelo's base, with the firm being required to provide the solicited information within ten consecutive days from the moment it is summoned reliably. The users also have the right to rectify, when the stored data is incorrect.

Likewhise, the users can at any moment request to drop out their requisition and the elimination of their account from the data base. Clara Barcelo guarantees it's users that it will use the data within the guidelines established by the law 25.326 of personal data protection. In case the data is requested by the legal, administrative or judicial corresponding mediums, Clara Barcelo will be forced to reveal the data to the soliciting authority. As far as the legislation and procedure rules allow, Clara Barcelo will inform users about this requirements.

When registering to our website and being part of the general clients' base, users agree to Clara Barcelo contacting them via mail, by phone or electronically to send them information that the firm considers, by it's exclusive criteria, that might interest the user, including publicity and información on offers and promotions. In case the users do not want to be contacted for these reasons, they can mafiest it reliably to Clara Barcelo, who will procede to interrupt this type of communication in the shortest amount of time possible.

The holder of the personal data has the faculty to exercise their right of access to such data without cost in intervals not inferior to six months, unless a legitimate interest is accredited according to what is established in the article 14, item 3 of the law  nº 25.326. The national drection of personal data protection, control body of the law nº 25.326, has the atribute to attend the complaints and claims that interfere with relation to the non-fulfillment of the rules on personal data protection.