We are young and restless, with 100% entrepeneur soul. We like things well done and we are passionate about what we like, that is where our search starts.

We have always wanted a more original product, more than original in fact, with personality. A brand with it's own name: CLARA BARCELO.

These people inspire us: mothers, professionals, sisters, friends, daughters. Women. We care about design as much as we do about comfort, so that we naturally find eachother in the same road. Because in this world what tastes good is fattening and doing things right takes effort. That's were we show up.

Each of our models is made with noble materials and with attention to every detail. Rustics with folkloric inspiration, ethnical, with textures and over everything with a lot of heart; because wether you are going slow by taking small steps o llevándote todo por delante; we want you all to know that there is no better place for us to be besides you feet and your world.